Our Company

Ace men Engg Works Ltd.

The company incorporated on 18/11/1980.

Board of Directors: Sharwan Kumar Sarraf: Managing Director

                                 Priti Sharma - Executive & CFO
                                 Monoj Das- Independent Director
                                 Jaipal Singh Barsi Singh Parmar- Independent Director
                                 Shrena Kalpesh Shah: Independent Non-Executive Women Director

Compliance Officer & Company Secretary: Srity Agarwal
                                 Email- shares@acumenengg.co.in

Share Transfer Agent:Purva Sharegistry (India) Private Limited
                                       Mr. Rajesh Mahendra Shah
                                       Unit No. 9, Shiv Shakti Ind. Estate, J.R. Boricha Marg
                                       Opp. Kasturba Hospital Lane, Lower Parel (E). Mumbai - 400 011
                                       Tel.: 022 2301 6761 ; Fax:022 2301 2517
                                       Email : grievances@acumenengg.co.in